Manuela Stegmann: Manuela, Moved to Canada in 2005 from Germany. Manuela
coached gymnastics to children under 6 years old for five years prior to coming to
Canada. Manuela is a  Certified level 2 Artistic Gymnastics and Level 2 Trampoline coach.
Manuela is also qualified to teach the Kids Can Move program to teach gymnastics skills
to teachers. She has taught teachers in Penticton, Naramata and Oliver. Manuela is Springer's
Head Coach and owner and especially loves to coach the Tumbleenies.  She is an active
coach in most of the classes and works with one of the competitive teams.

Darleen Stegmann: Darleen is Manuela's  17 year old daughter who  is actively
involved in Competitive Gymnastics . Darleen is a Trained Level 2 Coach and a 
Certified Level 1 Trampoline Coach who speaks two languages fluently and is enrolled in a third language class. She loves working with all of our classes.

Brent McLauchlan:  Brent has been a gymnast his entire life.  He is a Certified Level 2 artistic
Gymnastics and Trampoline coach.
  Brent is the head coach of the competitive teams.  He is
still able to perform all the gymnastics skills and often can be found demonstrating these skills
to his teams.  He is proficient in sign language and has worked with special needs youth and
adults.  Brent is also an apprentice to a tile setter who is his old gymnastics coach.

Kristin Trenholm: Kristin is a Certified Level 2 artistic and Trampoline Level 1 Coach.

Candace Brown: Candace has been involved with the club for many years. Both of her daughters

have been recreational gymnasts for 8 years. Candace is an accomplished computer expert and
manages the competitive gymnastics website.  She helps with the office work when needed.

Cassandra Bruce: Cassandra is a Certified Level 1 artistic and Trampoline coach.

Crystal Smith: Trained Level 1 Coach . She has been involved in gymnastics since she was 2 years old and competed provincially up until the age of 18 years. She is a mother and adores teaching children her passion for gymnastics. She really enjoys coaching competitive and rec my day classes. She works at our gymnastics club full time.

Amrit Dhaliwal: Trained  Level 1 Coach & Trained Level 1 Trampoline Coach.

Olivia Penny: Coach in Training.

Marija Salamun: Coach in Training.

Cyla Kulak-Meloche: Coach in Training.

Anja Baxter: Coach in Training. She is a French immersion middle school student who enjoys many outdoor activities including rock climbing and bike riding. She has been involved in gymnastics for 8 years and has gone to various competitions throughout the province. She likes to work the little ones.

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